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Shot Delivery to Client
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Python: Photoshop Action Scripts


A few years ago a friend approached me asking me to watermark all of her images for a new company she just started up. With one big catch, she wanted…

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Python; Parse Wikipedia to create a Quiz game

Game for Smite

Turning Wikipedia information into a training game

What is this: This is a game which assists you in learning the keyboard activated voice commands, for the game Smite.
How we are going…

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Aviation Crash Visualization

Aviation Crash Vis

Python: Mapping 60 years of aviation crashes

Where to begin? I am going to skip talking about the exactly how everything was done. For that you can look at both URL…

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Realtime Facial Animation

realtime facetrack

This was a fun project to work on and had many facets.

First we needed to create high quality meshes for a multitude of expressions. For each expression there are two…

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Injustice 2 Cinematics

Cinematics Injustice

The latest project I have been a part of are these Cinematics from the newest fighting game Injustice 2. Most of the shots in this trailer are from Frame Machine,…

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Photo Scan Photogrammetry

Dave Scan

Here is a great example of the quality that are automated system would get with 32+ cameras focused on the head. The other 2/3rds cameras were situated around a semi-relaxed…

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Lichdom Cinematics

Lichdom Battlemage Cinematics

Cinematics project taken on by the Third Floor. This was the first project of this type to go through Third Floor, they had never produced using finals CGI pipeline. I…

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Hulk R&H

Hulk walk

A great little side project we did at Alexx Henry in tandem with Rhythm & Hues. We start with a full High-res scan of Jimmy, who works at R&H, after…

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