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Photo Scan Photogrammetry


Here is a great example of the quality that our automated system would get with 32+ cameras focused on the head. The other 2/3rds cameras were situated around a semi-relaxed T-pose. There was a floating head volume of about 4 inches on any side. Stands would be used to heighten an actor into our optimal volume.

From the start all information was automated. When you have 90+ images with every button press, the need to automate is real. Those 90 images would travel in full-res over USB to 5 networked machines. These machines would process the image and publish them to a shared directory. In this directory, images would get sorted out by timestamp, and given new descriptive file names. Next, a user would choose the best quality shots by using automated contact sheets that shows all images in a useful format. After the┬ábest contact sheets are chosen, they are dropped into a project folder where multiple machines will batch run all scans and save the resulting LOD’s of either a Head volume or full T-pose volume.

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